A history of Skrinkle Cottage in Tenby

Year purchased: 2000

Why the owner chose a cottage in this location

Kirkland and stable lad

Kirkland and stable lad

This ‘gem’ was spotted by Grandparents John & Boo who always loved properties within the Old Town Walls of Tenby especially on the sunny side of St Mary’s St. A fantastic story of Kirkland a racehorse trained locally in Lawrenny, his stable lad was so sure he had the winner for the 1905 Grand National that he piled part of his weekly wages on all winter. The Tenby bookie couldn’t afford cash payout so had to give the lad Skrinkle Cottage! 3 generations of the Thomas family had lived there ever since. We renovated in 2000. Replaced outside loo, coal/wood shed with eating/sun trap area. Showed original fire places and beams. Added insulation, damp proof, new slate roof & skylights, open light space downstairs (salvaged floor boards) Central heating and general creature comforts.

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